Moving to university full ready

You’re finally going to college! This is a transition that is definitely exciting and I am certain you want to be fully ready for it. It is even more exciting and well, scary to a level if you are moving to a university far far away from home. It makes you start thinking what you need to carry and how many things you may forget. Well, fret not. Here is a guide to the most essential things that you will need to carry, well besides all your major documents that is.

  1. Toiletries

This is a given. The best way to pack is to think about what you do in the morning and the things you need from that time. When you wake up, what is the first thing you do? Start with basics like your toothbrush, soaps, shaving cream, creams and lotions, and other such essentials. Think of all morning scenarios and prepare for them. This will include good and bad days. For instance, ladies have bad hair days and sometimes, this calls for certain essential things to turn that around. Think on such and pack ready for them.

  1. Clothes

This is simply as necessary as the former. Work with the same mentality. You are in college, what are the kind of clothes you are most likely to wear? Pack for ordinary school days, date nights, sports days and of course, consider the season you are going to school. If it the hot season, pack appropriately and so on. It is also important to consider carrying a few “special” clothes for lack of a better term. This will be like a suit or official set for ladies in case there is ever an occasion that calls for it in the duration of time you will be there before you are able to go back home again.

  1. Stationery

There is an African saying that loosely translated says, a farmer does not go to the farm without his hoe. It simply means that you cannot attempt anything without carrying the right tools. So carry all stationery needed: pencils and pens, notepads, post notes (these really come in handy), highlighters, and binders and so on. These will ensure that you are ready for just about any class and academic scenario that may [resent itself. Word of warning though, do not spend too much on the stationery since you will have to keep re-stocking all of this.

  1. Books

Now for me, this is a given. I am not even talking about the books that you may be required to carry as necessary reading though most universities have these in their libraries, I am talking about the books that give you comfort, keep you sane, enable you to carry on the day as you. If you are a reader like me, you will need to have your novel, short stories, maybe a biography and a poetry book. These are bound to get you through any mood for as long as it is going to take for you to find your way to the library and find more.

  1. Your gadgets

Since we are in the electronics generation, it is fully necessary that you ensure you are ready for any such need. You therefore need to pack everything that you use on a daily basis as you are bound to need it even at school. This includes your phone, laptop, chargers, data cables, flash disks, extension cable (you have no idea how practical this can be), head/earphones and a camera to keep all the memories you are bound to make at school.

This list may not have everything you want but it definitely has everything you will need to have you ready for any situation. So pack, start the new chapter and have fun!