10 Best Tips to Make Good GRE Essay Score

The GRE Argument Essay is not as difficult as you may think. Many students frustrate over this important task since basically, the GRE essay is one of the most significant contributions to your chances for admission. Still, getting a perfect score on the GRE essay does not have to be a tough assignment, if only you know the secrets of making the process easier.

Knowing this, we have a solution for you. Even if you do not possess impressive writing skills or if you get to nervous during such an important test, you can nail the GRE essay by following our 10 tips:

Practice Makes Perfect

Before the day for the GRE testing comes, take all the time you have to study for it online. Practicing by writing can be very good for you and help you get comfortable with the process, as well as the time constraints.

There are several instruments you can use to ensure that your GRE essay is brilliant.

To make things even more real, set up conditions that are GRE test-like and start working on it. You can use this source for additional essay prompts. Furthermore, you can enrich your skills by checking out quotes websites such as BrainyQuote or using tools for perfect proofreading like Grammarly.

Follow a Scheme

If you want to score well on the GRE, you need to follow a good organizational scheme. What does this include?

When creating a scheme, follow these simple steps:

  • Open with a quick introduction that states the main issues

  • Use the body paragraphs to state the issues and elaborate on them. Every paragraph should start with a topic sentence

  • Recap the paragraphs in a conclusion

Keep the Introduction Short and Sweet

Your essay’s introduction should be short, so stop belaboring it. Many students fail to do this and start with a dull sentence. Instead of focusing on providing all the information in the introduction, put your main focus on the attention-grabbing sentence. You want to leave the best possible first impression in the reader.

Choose One Side

Do not try to have both sides of an issue. Choose one side and stick to it, even if you do not believe in it. The timeframe in which you need to craft this essay is too short to argue more than one side of an issue.

In addition, choosing two sides can make you sound less confident and vague.

Pick Specific Examples

This is not the place to be general. Readers of your GRE essay will like to see some specific examples, so use real-world facts and information to keep them interested.

You can have fun with the examples, that’s for sure. However, make sure that every example used is relevant to the topic and appropriate for your essay.

Avoid Self-Reference

The GRE essay should never contain self-reference. You are the person who is writing this essay, but this does not mean that you should use first person and phrases such as ‘I believe’ and ‘I think’. Only use these if you are using your own experience as an example.

Do Not Agree

This is an argument essay, which means that you have to analyze an argument, but never agree to it. If you are arguing a bad point or idea, you need to provide your own argument. The argument you will choose is there only for you to skewer with your rhetorical abilities.

Make Strong Statements

Show some power in your writing and add strong statements to the content. Use charge adjective and adverbs, as well as ‘because’ clauses to show some confidence in your sentences.

Find the Right Balance

It is easy to get carried away in an argument essay, so make sure to find the right balance. Your goal here is to be able to develop criticism of a logical inconsistency or assumption that according to you, is questionable.

This is not as complex as it sounds. Make sure you find three or four logical fallacies in the paragraph and use them in the writing.

Brainstorm before Writing

When the time comes for you to write the GRE essay, slow down and stop rushing through paragraphs. Your time is limited here, but this does not mean that you should write whatever comes to your mind. This is probably not going to end well for your admission.

Take some time to digest the argument and read it at least twice before you start writing. After you have done this, you are ready to start writing. Good luck!